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Amid immunity led messages, Cipla Health advertises 'tulsi drops'

The ad for the newly launched 'Maxirich Tulsi Drops' showcases relatable real-life scenarios of how people can fall prey to viruses and eventually get sick.

Glucon-D rescues kids from 'amla-chyawanprash' onslaught with tasty 'immunity tablet'

The product is the newly launched 'Glucon-D ImmunoVolt' from the house of Zydus Wellness. Here is a look at the ads...
Guest Article

Advertising in the time of Covid - if the juice you’re drinking is not building immunity, does it even deserve to exist?

If the packaged noodles you’re consuming is not making you invincible, it is expected to walk towards the sunset with its head hung in shame...
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What does Coca-Cola's ‘Vitamin C’ play herald?

And, what types of brands/segments are best poised to take this suddenly important proposition forward?

Dabur diversifies presence in immunity space with Apple cider vinegar launch

The product will be priced at Rs. 370 for 500 ml pack, available for purchase on Amazon.

Coca Cola enters immunity space with two new Minute Maid variants

The beverage company has introduced two variants under the Minute Maid umbrella - Vita Punch and Nutri Force, both meant to help boost immunity.

"Germ kill is a quick solution; immunity is built over time": former Dabur CEO Sunil Duggal

As Dabur invests in a germ-kill soap, we interview ex-CEO Sunil Duggal, who has led the company for 17 years. "Dabur’s future is far more in the immunity space than sanitisation" he says.

Mother Dairy turns ‘immunity booster’ with new Haldi Milk

Butterscotch Haldi Milk is also the first in line among a range of new immunity-boosting products to be launched by Mother Dairy.