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From chalkboards to hashtags: Brands’ Ode to educators

Zomato, Swiggy, ITC, and more honour teachers on their special day.

Is Shah Rukh Khan the new endorser for Sunfeast's Dark Fantasy?

A couple of short videos featuring the actor saying he’s coming to fulfill the fantasy of hearts has created a buzz on his next endorsement.

ITC Sunfeast Mom's Magic's new campaign shares happiness hack

As per the brand's survey, hugging your mother often, can make you happy.

ITC Sunfeast Dark Fantasy garners organic chatter from partnership with Colors Big Boss Season

The brand has brought forth “Fantasy Cookie Treasure Hunt” to fulfil the Big Boss contestants’ fantasies.

ITC Sunfeast roped in two South Indian celebrities for their new product

ITC's Sunfeast Supermilk debuted a new campaign with Sneha Prasanna and Simran Bagga to promote the release of the biscuits.

'Grow Up': ITC Sunfeast promotes Dark Fantasy Vanilla biscuits as cookies for millennials

Rapper Brodha V is featured in a 78 second ad feature released on Sunfeast Dark Fantasy’s social media handles

Sunfeast Yippee! goes outdoors with its never-ending noodle strands

Running in Delhi and Kolkata, the campaign is to capture the ‘The Unending Noodle Strands' in people's minds.