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“Ideal date? When it works out”: Tinder Swipe Ride episode 4 is wit and nothing else

The show where "India’s favourite behens turn into your personal-chauffeurs-cum-hype women" is back with another episode.
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Netflix pays homage to Friends episode with insta-celebs and lehengas

To make the singles feel a little less lonely during wedding season. (Hint: It kinda worked.)

“Casual mein dedication chahiye”: Tinder ‘Swipe Ride’ ep 3 is all Bollywood with Kusha Kapila and Swara Bhasker

The duo chauffeur Kashish, urf Kaash, for her Tinder date with Siddhanth, aka Sid.

“A doli but for your dates”; Tinder India’s Swipe Ride series continues

Episode two has Kusha Kaplia and Rashmika Mandanna chauffeur Anamika to her Tinder date.

Kusha Kapila and Sara Ali Khan turn personal chauffeurs to women on their way to a Tinder date

It’s the dating app’s new show ‘Swipe Right’.
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Dineout's new social media campaign catches netizens off guard

The first-of-its-kind ads released on Facebook and Instagram have been tweaked to address some common Indian names to peak the interest of prospective users.

McDonald’s launches AR game filter in partnership with Swiggy

‘Fries Down Challenge’ filter on Instagram allows netizens to savour McDonald’s fries virtually. Users with maximum score will win vouchers.