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KFC pulls its 'Finger Lickin' Good' ad amid COVID - 19 fear

Viewers found the ad irresponsible because it appeared to encourage face-touching which is a strict no-no in the fight to stop the virus' spread.

Brands vie for a share of the pie in latest social media trend

Brands reveal what they do best through humorous pie charts.
Social Media

As Kejriwal's AAP cements third consecutive win in Delhi Elections...

...Here is how brands jumped in to leverage the hype
Guest Article

The job of moment marketing... beyond capitalising on a singular trend/moment.

Zomato, OnePlus, Durex pun on iPhone 11 launch

Take a look at our pick of the lot.

Chandrayaan inspired ads highlight perils of news-based marketing

Read on to know what industry experts have to say...