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The government encourages wearing of made at home face masks in a new campaign

Featuring the best of Indian cricketers, the campaign asks us to make a mask at home and wear it whenever we step out of our homes.

Mobile Premier League and Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli renew association

MPL had first teamed up with Kohli early in 2019, releasing video campaigns with the charismatic cricketer ahead of and during the Indian Premier League (IPL).
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Mardonwale musings and some vintage ads...

From hairy chests to hairy faces...

Star Sports: Virat Kohli wants to Let Kids Play

From the streets to the stadium - every kid's journey started something a bit like this!

India Today Group set to launch a power-packed ‘Inspiration’ series featuring India’s Sporting Legends

Virat Kohli to feature in the premiere episode on 30th November.

Indian Institute of Human Brands unveils research on power couples

The report is an empirical study on the brand value of celebrity couples

A closer look at the ad of the moment, Himalaya's musical Virat Kohli spot


"RCB partnership to keep Virat Kohli off-limits for rivals": Anupam Bokey, Too Yumm!


Some brands are bringing 'swag' back and how...


ESP Sports Report 2019: Brands spent Rs 482 crores on athlete ambassadors; Virat Kohli, M S Dhoni took 66%