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Horlicks launches Horlicks Diabetes Plus

The major life changes that come with diabetes have also led to dissonance with consumers constantly looking for solutions to help manage diabetes better.
Editor's Note

100 year old pandemic, 100 year old advertisements...

Just like we see today, even 100 years ago brands claimed their products prevented or cured the deadly influenza virus. There was a similar barrage of hygiene and immunity products that promised protection from the flu.

“The film was taken to consumers within 24 hours of being written”: FCB’s Swati Bhattacharya on Horlicks ad

This is the second ad for the nourishing malt-based beverage since it was acquired by HUL from GSK in April 2020.
Points of View

From bread to juice and water… how ‘immunity’ became the USP across brands

While some brands have added an ‘immunity booster’ layer to their existing communication, others have tweaked their products to fit the narrative.

Horlicks' first ad under HUL focuses on boosting immunity

Conceptualised by FCB India, the ad extols the essential nutrients in the malt-based powder.

Another Horlicks variant for adults...

A look at Active Horlicks - will it work?

GSK Consumer Healthcare launches Active Horlicks to combat low energy and fatigue in adults

Active Horlicks, a tailored product for adults, combats the biggest need among adults which is tiredness and provides fibre and energy nutrients.

"We've always referred to ourselves as 'Thompsonites'": Tarun Rai


Horlicks' 'Fearless' videos timed to coincide with exam season


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